hometown antiques and fried pickles

One of the best parts of visiting my hometown of Wapak(oneta) means finding lots of great antiques for pretty cheap (compared to Cleveland and most other lands of civilization) in our historic downtown. I found a lot of great stuff today, including:

photo 1 (2)West German Alarm Clock

photo 2 (2)Horse Figure

photo 3Canister Set

photo 5Telephone Rack and Wire Rack (to be used as my nightstand)

Also, Cleveland restauranteurs, take note: this is what a fried pickle looks like.

photo 1Always, always, ALWAYS a SPEAR. No more fried pickle chips, people!!!! The spears allows the pickle to maintain crunch and flavor instead of turning into sad little limp pieces of cucumbers.

photo 2Beautifully batter-dipped.

Also, these pickles are SIX for $3.50, not $8!

That is all.

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One Response to hometown antiques and fried pickles

  1. Bunny Hudson says:

    Great finds! Love the cannisters and clock… and the metal tables. I picked up a great metal table at a moving sale, a few weeks back. Very similar to yours.

    I also like chalkware :) That is a really old one, I think.

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