mcdonald’s and milk

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So, Friday there was this.

Anyway, part-time on the weekends, sometimes I do grocery store demonstrations for Snowville Milk in order to pay for Pierre’s medical expenses. It’s made me hyper-aware and totally crazy about people’s milk choices. Snowville is produced in Pomeroy, Ohio from pasture-raised, grassfed, happy cows. The major, national organic milk brands produce milk from cows that are often fed corn and are confined. Some organic brands are better than others, which you can see here on this scorecard. Horizon Milk, the popular milk in the red containers, is rated 0! ZERO! It’s a really bad “farm.” DON’T BUY HORIZON.

All milk cartons contain a number the correlates with the dairy it came from. Heinen’s Organic Milk, for instance, has the same number of the Horizon Dairy. It’s Horizon Milk. It’s not a good thing.

Our chocolate milk is also free from carrageenan, an additive that researchers are finding to have adverse effects.

Basically, everyone who is interested in buying organic should be familiar with Cornucopia so they know what they are buying. Horizon also happens to be the most expensive milk you can buy, by the way. So buy something else!



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    Other that Fresh Fork, where can I procure Snowville on the Near West Side, m’dear?

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