krissie means deals #1: saving @ anthropologie

Anyone who knows me knows I love a deal, so I’ve been pressed to write some blog posts about all the nerdy ways I save money. This is an easy one.

I have a lot of clothes from Anthropologie. Often, when someone asks me where I got the dress or blouse I’m wearing, I tell them it’s from Anthropologie and they say, “oh I love that store, but it’s too much money for me.” Well, hello, I work at a nonprofit and have more student loan debt than the US Treasury! I never pay close to retail on Anthro stuff and you shouldn’t either.

All you have to do is utilize the “wishlist” feature on Anthropologie’s website. Scour the website and throw everything you like onto your wishlist. Check it once or twice a day to watch it for sales and “popbacks.” Popbacks are items that have been returned. Because of Anthropologie’s lenient return policy, people can return items several months (even years, but it probably won’t be sold again, even if it’s tagged) after buying it. Once an item is in stock, it’ll say so on your wishlist and the price it’s at. I’ve gotten several items for $10 or $20 that way. It’s all about knowing your limit on item though – everything at Anthro goes on sale at one time or another, but try not to blow your entire paycheck on everything you want otherwise you are not getting a deal! It’s really rare that stuff completely sells out before it ever makes it to sale. It’ll be cut once, generally by half. Then as time moves on it’ll be cut a 2nd or even a 3rd time until it’s “dimed” out and can’t be sold anymore (and I guess goes to Gabriel Brothers).

Also, if there are items you really like that are unavailable online, you can call customer service to do a store look-up for you. A pair of booties I loved got marked down to $30 last winter and quickly sold out in my size online. Customer service gave me a list of stores that seemed to have my size in stock. I called the stores (around 10 or 11 am is a good time to call, before they are busy). Most didn’t because the central database isn’t always up to date. But one did! So the store shipped it to me and voila!

Around the holidays, they usually take an additional percentage off clearance items. One year, they took an additional 50% off clearance. It was the BEEEST. They don’t really do that anymore, but they DID do it today on home items. If it were on apparel, I’d be in trouble.

ok, hope this helps someone!



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  1. Lauren says:

    Also, try things on at stores and then check for them on ebay! I get brand new stuff with tags all the time for 50%-90% off! It’s crazy what you can find on the ebay and it’s usually supporting individuals rather then big corporations which I’m also quite a fan of. BCBG has these crazy sales of all of their stuff from the past year that they thought may be in magazines or runway shows. They sell it for dirt cheap (I think from a warehouse in CA) and then the stuff circulates ebay. $250 never worn dresses for $20-$50, yes please! I do highly recommend finding it in person at a store first to size up and then buying on ebay though because return policies don’t always exist and if they do, you will need to pay for shipping both ways. It’s sometimes a better option to just resell it rather then actually return it if it doesn’t fit.

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