krissie means deals #3: online shopping

OK, so if you are going to shop online, you can save money in more ways than just looking for sales. Here are some of my pro-tips.

1) If you are looking for something in particular, or want to take your deal-getting self to a whole new level of money-saving-nerddom, use websites like Slick Deals or Fat Wallet. I only use Slick Deals, but they are basically the same. They are crowd-driven website where people post deals they find online. So, Alex has been in the market for a bunch of LED light bulbs for his bike shop. Well, LED light bulbs are pretty expensive: at least $10 each. I was on the Slick Deals website where someone had found that Home Depot had a certain kind for $5. It’s a forum, so I read through the thread and found that if you input a certain zip code, the price changed to $2 each! 80% savings + free shipping over $50.

The people who post on Slick Deals are mostly pretty weird. Like, a number of them buy way too much stuff because it’s on sale. I can be bitten by that bug, but…c’mon. For instance, like people buying 6 bottles of Kraft salad dressing from Amazon. Which isn’t even as stupid as some of the things I see but I am too lazy to look for more examples. You can do that on your own time…Also the website is totally full of weirdo men who get excited when someone posts a deal on underwear from Victoria’s Secret…You’ll also find extreme couponers on some of the forums.

2) Use websites like Ebates to receive a small cashback for shopping through their website. For instance, if you use Ebates as a click-through to Bluefly, you get 7% of your purchase back.

3) Use your credit card for rebates. If I use my Discover card’s “Shop Discover,” certain retailers offer cashback. Compare to websites like Ebates for the highest. I’ve received a lot of cashback through my Discover card. When I bought my house, I had to buy a refrigerator and dishwasher. At the time, Discover was offering 5% cash back on all online purchase and an additional 5% cashback on I saved about $80 this way.

4) Use promo codes. This is an obvious one to most, but a lot of websites have promo codes, either advertised or not, so that you can get free shipping, discounts, etc.┬áSearch the retailer you like plus promo code on Google to see what’s what.

5) Remember, as fun as online shopping can be, it’s important to also support local retailers!!! I try to do a good blend of both. And as cheap as you can find stuff online, it’ll always be cheaper if you buy it used from Craigslist or at your thrift store (except for Unique on Lorain, which I am starting to hate more and more because of their insane prices!!!!).

OK, hopefully this is helpful to somebody!!




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  1. Mati says: runs weekly specials – sometimes very good prices on LEDs.

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